Social Media Management

Over the years, digital marketing has exploded into a vast arena, consisting of diverse techniques and strategies. There are numerous online marketing activities you can undertake to rein in more business, but it can also get a tad overwhelming.

I’ve seen it over and over again. Clients know they need to include digital marketing in their business plan, but they have no clue where to start and no clear idea of what the process entails.

Let me be honest. Not all online marketing activities might profit your business. If you want to start digital marketing for your business, it’s essential that you know the different channels that are available and how each will benefit the business.

This approach helped me study Aslina Wines using research tools, where I found that their product consumers are more likely to engage on Facebook and Instagram. Through collected data, I decided and run a marketing campaign. The result and my approach are what I am going to remark on below.

Cyusa Cedrick Co-Founder, Agency @native digital marketing agency

Testing Content was Essential: Story telling engagement content ads let me test 10 ad units to optimize the best posts before sending them live.

Well-Rounded Targeting: Segmented audience targeting let me reach 2 unique groups focused on social marketing, along with 1 groups that exponentially increased our reach.

To transform quality content into quality leads, Aslina wines had access to relevant audience to which content can be tested (and retested).

Key performance indicators that gives the ability to measure the ads, and how it translates to the conversions.

The combination of these elements helped the campaign successfull. $50 social media ads spends, generated 1,024 leads.

Next Steps I would be happy to meet with you further to talk about specifics of your brand. My other client has also agreed to share her experience with you as well. Schedule time with me